Angelina Jolie 2013

After Angelina Jolie engaged to Brad Pitt, both are reportedly ready to hold the marriage in the near future. However, the couple dubbed Brangelina pleaded not set a date.

Both are also often rumored to have secretly married. The news blows back when Jolie wore a gold ring when he arrived at LAX airport, some time ago.

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Brangelina 2013
Image : Hollyscoop

When paparazzi asked if the ring worn a wedding ring, mother of six was also denied.

“Is that a wedding ring, Angelina?,” Asked the paparazzi.

“No, it’s not (a wedding ring),” said Jolie. Similarly, as reported by The Sun, Friday (03/29/2013).

Rebuttal makes some believe the Jolie and Pitt plan to tie the knot as husband and wife in the same weekend with the wedding Jennifer Aniston-Justin Theroux.

Just to note, Jolie had just returned after completing the task for five days as an ambassador for the United Nations in the Congo. She was in charge of the international community to raise awareness about the high levels of rape in the country.