Richest Musicians in UK

Richest Musicians in UK

Not long ago, a leading UK media, The Sunday Times rankings released richest musician in the United Kingdom.
As reported from dated 11 April 2013, not just a soloist, there is also a band who qualify get ranked. It’s only natural, because they are too dominant of a senior musician who has decades of working in the world music industry. And, their wealth is the result of their efforts over the world exist in the music industry.

1. Paul McCartney

Yes, if you were born 2-3 years ago is very reasonable if you do not recognize the legendary band The Beatles. By maintaining its existence, in the world music industry, no doubt inherited from the past to their heyday was abundant.

Frontman of The Beatles, Paul McCartney smoothly glide up to be in the first position as the richest British musician. The Sunday Times also claimed McCartney wealth reached £ 680 million.

2. Lord Lloyd Webber

The male figure is known as one of history to life in the world music industry. Is he talented musician Andrew Lloyd Webber.

Webber not only known as a regular musician, he was also known as a composer, song writer to director. And probably with many professions is making perched in second place with a total fortune of £ 620 million.

3. Bono (U2)

The band won the most Grammy Cup, making the band U2 not just disappear in the history of music world. Not to mention the achievement of 150 million copies of their works is widespread throughout the world. Of course all these achievements also helped bring big profit for them.

Quite fitting that this Irish band is placed at number three position as the richest musician in the United Kingdom. Income Bono and friends it was estimated at £ 520 million.

4. Elton John

He began his career as a solo artist since 1964, Elton John certainly is familiar with numerous awards for his achievements. Ranging from Grammy Cup to the songs that have topped a few times on the world charts.

And that no less horrendous, quietly achieving wealth has reached £ 240 million.

5. Mick Jagger

First time remembering things in mind when you hear bands like The Rolling Stones, will most definitely be on the lead singer, Mick Jagger. His style is so distinctive that is embedded in the hearts of music lovers in the world. Not just a matter of style and sound quality that is so alluring and stunning the fans, but also the achievement of the wealth in the estimate stands at £ 200 million

6. Keith Richards

Although he was suddenly famous due to heavy drug abuse, the guitarist can still be grateful because he remained until he was now stepping 68 years. Has two daughters, Richards secretly storing personal fortune estimated at £ 185 million.

7. Sting

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Vocalist and bassist of The Police’s band. Sting, not only shrewd when dealing with music, he also showed occasional humorous side pretty well.

This is what makes time to see him in a movie scene and series, such as The Simpsons, Bee Movie, maish Live Too Short and more. So naturally, if Sting had managed to gather wealth stands at £ 180 million.